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About Us

Corporate Sports Club (CSC) first-of-its- kind corporate initiative, Let’s Play Sports uniquely aims to encourage the corporate world in making their presence felt on the map of Chennai most sought after companies. We believe that energetic and enthusiastic employees make for a healthy company. And through corporate Sports Club, we aim to use sports to prepare and mould employees to achieve all desired goals. Taking part in such sports events, help professionals understand the value of team building and effective communication.

What’s more? Every bit of your efforts, your hardships, victories and cheers won't go unnoticed. Quite literally! With loads of medals and prizes and media coverage in print, radio, and TV, there’s definitely no way your team can escape their time in the sun. And for those who think sports is a non-glamorous activity, then wait till you are an apart of and witness the opening and closing ceremonies which will have celebrities from the sports and cine fields grace the occasions.

Out in the ground, below the blue sky and with your favorite sports gear, you can play in these events bringing back your health and aim at improving your stamina. Pump the adrenalin and feel the challenge. Take on your opponents and prove your mettle. Most of the events also encouraged women to participate by having separate category for them in various sports.

Do you have employees that love to compete? Of course you do! Would you love to compete against other corporates and prove

you’ve got the best teams in the industry?

At The CSC, we are excited to introduce

  • Corporate cricket League (CCL)
  • Inter corporate Indoor Sports Carnival (ICISC)
  • Inter Corporate Outdoor Sports Carnival (ICOSC)
  • Corporate Marathon
  • Corporate Weekend Leagues (CWL)

Come let’s play. Let’s bring back the vigor and enthusiasm in life.

Join us and have fun.